Canadian Democracy Inaction

I guess we’re now getting what we asked for. From the introduction to this morning’s episode of The Current on CBC Radio One:

A new poll finds that a majority of Canadians don’t believe in corporate tax cuts or buying F-35 fighter jets, two major pieces of the Conservative government’s plan. Currently, I guess those same Canadians also don’t believe in actually voting.

Yeah, that’s pretty much the shape of it.

Although I suppose, to be fair, it’s possible that maybe at least some of them just don’t believe in actually investigating the party’s platform before voting for them. I know too many people who made their decision based on TV advertising and the desire to get four years off voting.

A Canadian CF-104 Starfighter jet.

Image via Airplane Blog Toronto.

My take: wanting the endless parade of elections to stop taking place is not a responsible reason to grant any political party a majority without knowing whether you approve of the direction in which they’d take the country if elected. Supporting what they’ve done so far is a first step, but you also need to know what they would choose to do if given power unchecked by the comparatively left-leaning balance of the Opposition.

I’ve never met any reasonable adult person of sound mind who had absolutely no opinion about how the country should be governed. In fact, I know some eleven-year-olds with very definite opinions on the matter. If everybody has something to say, voting is the way you say it. It’s imperfect and incomplete – your vote aggregates with the votes of many others to determine whether you’ll get what you want.

But this quote from The Current pretty much encapsulates why the failure to vote (or to do so responsibly) leaves us stuck with a government that will not act on what we value.


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