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When some kind of meaningful coincidence takes place in your life, God’s winking at you.

Are You Trying To Tell Me Something, God?

So I’m packing my bags for our upcoming trip, trying to decide what I’ll wear to the cathedral for that Mass I promised I’d attend, and suddenly I realized that I’m not going. For work-related reasons (my husband’s, not mine) we’ll have to come home earlier than we first intended – meaning that by the time the first Mass at the cathedral starts, we’ll be loading up the car to head back home. (Or if you’re really optimistic, maybe we’ll already be on the highway.)

It could just be a coincidence. But I’m a big believer in looking for transcendent meaning in coincidences, especially ones that are this deeply related to spiritual matters. I’m not really sure on the spiritual or psychical underpinnings of those kinds of coincidences – the intervention of an infinite God in an individual life, giving me a hint? A facet of the Law of Attraction or some similar cosmic principle? Or just my own mysterious brain giving special significance to information that confirms or suggests what my subconscious already knows I need?

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