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The Luxury of Lime

Every year since we met, my husband and I host a Cuban Independence Day Party some time towards the end of May. We’re not closet Commies (and, in fact, we’re not even using the modern date Cubans honour under Fidel Castro) – we just enjoy Cuban food, mojitos, and a chance to get together with our friends for a unique, fun occasion. Every year we do it a little differently based on our circumstances, with a core list of old standbys: rum balls, guava (or cheese) mini-empanadas, our signature guacamole, and Key lime pie.

Every year until now, that is.

Key Lime Pie

Image via Kestrachern.

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Moonlight Madness

The Moon tarot card.

Image via Dragon's Crystal Ball Horoscope Archives.

Wiccans, how do you do it?

Feeling the need for ritual, I had been considering a routine to cleanse the energy in my tarot deck. I believe that bad vibes can cling on after you’ve been in a bad place for a while, and I’ve been in a very shaky state the past few months. Having noticed on my trusty calendar that the moon would be full last night, I decided to do one of the energy-cleansing routines the tarot guide recommends last night on my back porch.

Now I’m not hugely well-versed in Wiccan ritual, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got the whole moon-phases aspect of earth-based belief figured out: rituals done during the waning of the moon help you to get rid of something¬† you don’t want to keep around, and rituals done while the moon is growing fuller help you to grow more of something you want to increase. (Wiccans, pagans, and other earthy folks, please don’t take offense if I’ve got that wrong. Just set me straight with the minimum amount of bitterness reserved for somebody making bad assumptions about your religion.)

Anyway, I wanted to bring more spirituality and intelligent energy into my life, and I figured the symbolism of the waxing moon would be a good way to bring more of it into my life. And if I bring more of it into my tarot readings, I guess there’d have to be more of it in my daily life, right? To be fair, I’m not sure whether I think the state of the moon will have any effect on what sorts of tarot cards come up next time I do a spread. It’s about ritual. It’s about symbolism that can help me strengthen the qualities I want to see in me.

Problem: last night it was pouring rain.

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