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Apocalypse Now – Well, Actually, Next Saturday

Apocalypse Party poster

Image via Nice Try Zia on Flickriver.

So how are you celebrating the end of the world?

It’s closer than you think. The 2012 crowd may be surprised to find out that Judgment Day is slated for May 21, 2011. That is, next Saturday. Yup, it’s more than just the Victoria Day weekend for us north of the border.

I’ve been remiss. I should have warned you earlier. I’ve been driving by a roadside ad about it for about a month now. I even took a picture of it on my cell phone. But that’s okay: it’s not too late to make your own plans to celebrate the Apocalypse.

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Oh, Snap!

This showed up on Failbook today. I think it pretty much speaks for itself.

funny facebook fails - BOOM, HEADSHOT!
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Considering Humanism

Ariane Sherine and Richard Dawkins at atheist ad launch.

Ariane Sherine and Richard Dawkins at atheist bus ad launch. Image via Timothy Ministries' Dictionary of Theology.

I’ve been pretty interested in atheism lately. I’m not an atheist. I’m pretty sure I’m not even agnostic; I believe in God.

But I just keep listening to what the secular humanist community has to say . . . and I think maybe I might be a humanist.

Is there any such thing as a religious humanist? Are there other people who actually think of themselves this way? I’m not really sure. Most of the people I’ve heard speaking about their embrace of humanism are pretty strong in their denial of God’s existence. But I’ve learned that the God they don’t believe in is the same one I reject.

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My Common Ground with Christian Fundamentalism

The Bible, which may or may not be inerrant, according to some fundamentalists.

Image via NewsBiscuit.

I thought that might get your attention. There’s a certain way of thinking about Christian fundamentalism – essentially, if a fundy says it, it must be insane. This stereotype (as far as I can tell) grows out of belief in the Rapture, collective hoop-jumping to deal with contradictions and inconsistencies in the Bible, and popular support for Sarah Palin.

But today I was surfing Answers in Genesis (mostly because fundamentalism amuses me) and I found a statement that I deeply agree with. It was buried in the testimony of a student who is “not ashamed to be a Creationist”. On Biblical inerrancy and its role in his choice of college, this unashamed student  had this to say:

“Without a commitment to biblical authority (that the Bible’s teachings must be the final, absolute authority to which we defer), a Christian simply has no true basis for discernment on essential doctrinal matters and morality.”

I’m not agreeing with this as an absolute – that the Bible is the only truthful way to discern reality. But it is true that, if you don’t put faith in the Bible, your reasons for being a Christian start to crumble away beneath you.

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The Words To Pray

Lately I’ve been feeling the impulse to pray – sometimes just at random or when I learn of someone else’s misfortune and want to send good wishes for them into the universe, and sometimes as a way to get through some of the more difficult moments of my daily life. I close my eyes, focus my thoughts, and search for the words that will put me in touch with the divine.

That’s when I run into a bit of a problem. All the prayers I know are Catholic.

Catholic woman praying.

Image via Loyola Press.

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