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What To Expect When You’re Expecting The Rapture

Rapture 2011 sticker.

Image via Get Glue.

I admit this is partially my fault: for the sake of sounding pretty, I’ve been using words like ‘rapture’, ‘apocalypse’, and ‘end of days’ fairly interchangeably. Nor am I the only one. For this reason and probably many others, there’s a certain level of confusion about what’s actually been predicted for today.

Well, I can clear that up for you. In fact, I shall – and in a helpful Q-and-A format, no less. As a librarian and blogger, it is my duty to spend the end of days spreading knowledge, so people can approach the Rapture and the ensuing tribulation better informed. And rest assured that as long as the Internet survives in our post-Rapture world, I’ll continue to blog helpful hints for surviving the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Or, y’know, other stuff. Just in case the Second Coming isn’t forthcoming.

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Happy Thanksgiving, U.S.A.

With love from your neighbours up north!

Any profound thoughts I may have on the subject of gratitude haven’t much changed since Canadian Thanksgiving a month ago. So instead, have a Chick tract!

Excerpt from Jack T. Chick's "The Missing Day"

Image via Chick Publications.

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In essence, “The Missing Day” is a heartwarming story about how Thanksgiving is the gathering of your miserable, money-grubbing, and unthankful family. But – spoiler alert! (kinda) – they’re only jerks because they don’t have Jesus in their hearts. Unfortunately they’re not likely to welcome Him into their hearts because, well, they’re jerks. But in a typical Chick-style happy ending, the one nice kid in the family gets saved and everybody else winds up in hell! (Chick tracts have a rather unfortunate habit of portraying “getting saved” as a type of joy that makes you forget how your best friend or your mom or whoever just got consigned to eternal damnation.)