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Canadian Democracy Inaction

I guess we’re now getting what we asked for. From the introduction to this morning’s episode of The Current on CBC Radio One:

A new poll finds that a majority of Canadians don’t believe in corporate tax cuts or buying F-35 fighter jets, two major pieces of the Conservative government’s plan. Currently, I guess those same Canadians also don’t believe in actually voting.

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Can Kitties Wear Condoms?

In practical terms, obviously they cannot. Cat-sized condoms do not exist, and cats lack both the manual dexterity and neurological abilities to make barrier methods of contraception practical. Any methods of contraception, in fact – except of course those chosen by pet owners.

Which is why PETA and other animal-rights organizations advocate spaying and neutering your pets, so they can’t propagate new populations of animals that will suffer on the streets or end up needlessly euthanized in overcrowded animal shelters.

And because condoms are in the news lately, thanks to the Pope’s recent remarks on condom use, PETA has decided to make the point in a new ad campaign using the image of the Pope to remind pet owners that it’s our responsibility to ensure our pets don’t reproduce.

PETA ad: "Dogs and cats can't use condoms. Spay or neuter your pets."

Image via Politics Daily.

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