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The Circumcision Conundrum

It’s considered cruel to surgically alter the genitals of baby girls. Yet when it comes to baby boys, it’s common practice in a wide range of very civilized countries, and it’s not getting talked about all that much. Except now, when a proposed circumcision ban in California has raised the issue and gotten people talking.

So I might as well add my voice.

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Eve’s Mind

After Eden cartoon

Comic from Answers in Genesis.

I figure a lot of women I know would find this fairly offensive, but I laughed. It’s not exactly an insult to women if men can’t understand how we think. Based on some of the guys I’ve met, it can even be a compliment. It’s not that nice of Adam to imply that Eve is kinda crazy for the way she perceives things. But there’s no point in getting annoyed at male ignorance (which has mostly been a constant across history). As ever, we do better to just keep searching for a cure.

And daisies aren’t the friendliest flower. Too pasty. I get along far better with fuchsia.